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(GN) Olde Viking Original Portion

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(GN) Olde Viking Original Portion
« on: December 14, 2011, 01:12:53 AM »
Regular Portion snus with a traditional tobacco flavor.

Nicotine: 9mg/portion
Portions per can: 24

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Re: (GN) Olde Viking Original Portion
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2011, 05:07:29 PM »
First of all, the name was kind of an enigma to me. When you think of "original" in terms of Swedish Snus, you're going to associate it with the classic citrus/bergamot flavor that is common in standard issue Swedish Snus flavors. When I opened the can, I detected a sweet, floral aroma much like with Gustavus. The portions are moist like other offerings from Olde Viking and very comfortable in the lip. Now, the flavor of this is where it gets interesting. When I first put a portion in, I enjoyed a very moderate citrus flavor, slightly sweet with just a little salt flavor in the background. About 30 minutes in, the citrus flavor fades and this is when I think Olde Viking Original shines. The citrus flavor fades and you experience a very pleasant but simple flavor. I'm going to use the phrase "Pure Tobacco" but not in the sense I'd be describing Grov, but a more simple and mellow flavor. A very mild and enjoyable flavor that lasts all the way to the end of this portion. I've heard comparisons to Retro White, and I do consider this to be accurate, as I did experiment with a few Retro White portions I had been saving (NOTE: Retro White is no longer in production) in comparison to Olde Viking Original to see something I could compare it to, and this was about the closest thing I could match it to. I consider those comparisons others have mentioned to be accurate. This is a very complex snus with a very simple flavor! Not many snuses I've encountered in the past have an evolving flavor pattern like this one, so it was an interesting experience to try this. I went through a whole can and noticed this of every portion I tried.

So, after the past 2 Olde Viking offerings, I am going to officially say, "Third time's a charm", because this one surprised me in that I actually enjoyed it and consider it to be a great offering from GN Tobacco.