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(Gajane) Odenís Extra Strong Kanel Portion

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(Gajane) Odenís Extra Strong Kanel Portion
« on: December 14, 2011, 01:05:21 AM »
Strong Portion snus of high quality tobacco with an interesting taste of cinnamon.

Nicotine: 17mg/g
Portions per can: 24
Net weight: 24g


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Re: (Gajane) Odenís Extra Strong Kanel Portion
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2011, 05:04:23 PM »
I have been looking forward to trying this one for a long time, and have been enjoying it for the past week. The original Oden's Kanel has been a favorite for quite sometime, so I thought I would step up and try the next one up. And it did not dissapoint. Now, in case anyone was curious - Kanel means Cinnamon in Swedish. Oden's Kanel ES is a strong, strong snus. It weighs in at 17mg of nicotine, and that makes it one of the strongest products on the market. Thunder Frosted is 16mg, General ES is 15mg, and Skruf Stark is 14mg. Oden's is a product of Gajane Gross KB, a relatively new snus company. An interesting side note - "Odin" is considered the chief god in Norse paganism.

Now, a little about the snus itself. Oden's Kanel ES comes in a very cool can. A sleek black with the Oden's logo etched into it. No used portion catch lid, so that was a bit of a bummer. The smell upon opening the can is a mild earthly flavor with hints of Cinnamon. Now, before I talk about the flavor, I want to discuss what I consider cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the bark of a certain type of Evergreen tree. When I used to cook alot, I had pure cinnamon in stock all the time, it was one of my favorites. I would grind up the pure cinnamon with an herb grinder and use it to season chicken, beef, and some vegetables (it's great with acorn squash). I like cinnamon as a flavor in and of itself. That's what I was hoping for in Oden's Kanel ES - NOT Cinnamon as most people would think of it - Cinnamon Sugar Seasoning used to season French Toast. I was pleasantly suprised to see that Oden's Kanel ES is seasoned perfectly with pure cinnamon, not the overly sweet type I was hoping I wouldn't find in this product.

The portion bags that Oden's Kanel ES comes in are of the same type V2 uses for many of their Offroad portions. Very, very comfortable and soft. The snus is fluffy and pillowy, making this one of the most comfortable portions I've tried to date. The flavor comes through mildly at first, the pure cinnamon flavor pairing gently with the tobacco, a light flavor of salt, and growing as the flavors mingled the longer I had the portion in. The nicotine hit almost immediately, but what do you expect from a 17mg portion? The flavor, however, didn't last as long as I would have hoped, I found it only lasted about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour, which isn't bad, but not what I was hoping for.

Oden's Kanel ES is a great snus. A mild tobacco flavor mixed with the flavor of pure cinnamon. Very comfortable portions. The only downfall is the flavor did not last as long as I had hoped for. But in the end, something I have found myself reaching for quite often.