Hello, I'm New To Snus

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Hello, I'm New To Snus
« on: March 23, 2020, 04:32:30 PM »
I'm an ex smoker after 32 years of smoking cigarettes. Been vaping for 3 years and am now trying Snus - or shall we say Nicotine Pouches. Trial run. So far so good. I plan to order some Snus. Any advice to beginners, including how to start Snusing (easing into it etc), short term effects when starting Snus etc, can be sent to me via PM.


- Thomas
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Re: Hello, I'm New To Snus
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2020, 01:47:59 PM »
Hi Thomas and welcome to the forum!

When it comes to snus it's all about personal preference.
I live in Lund, Sweden which is known for it's university. Along with the regular swedish students we have quite a few exchange students who, just like you, like to kick the habit of smoking.
Since i've been using snus for 20+ years, I often get questions about "Advice for beginners" and I like to push new people to try the traditional snusbrands to get a feel for how they like it or what they don't like.

I would recommend starting with the classics, Ettan Portion, General Portion and Göteborgs Rapé Portion. If you wish to start with babysteps there are miniportion, which could be a way to ease into the snusing.
I think these are marketed for women, but its basicly just a smaller variant of the regular portions (when I started snusing, I used miniportions but quickly started with the regular sizes)

Most people switching from smoking do get a nicotine kick the first time they use snus, if you get dizzy just take it out and sit down for a few minutes.

Browse around on the site your purchasing from and check out the different flavours and get a can of whatever interests you and test.

Chad also has quite a number of youtube videos I can recommend.

If you have any snus related questions, don't hesitate to either ask on forum or just PM me - i'd be happy to help!
Fint som snus - Fine as snus - common swedish term