Cheap prismaster/icetool

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Cheap prismaster/icetool
« on: November 18, 2019, 07:28:55 PM »
A cheap way to get a icetool/prismaster.

1. Get your hands on a plastic baby syringe, in Sweden you can get them for free at your local drugstore, if you just ask for them.
I don't know how other countries distribute them, but there are many sellers on sites like ebay who are selling these for cheap (a handful for a few bucks).
These also come in a variety of sizes, pick the size you want - I usually go for the smaller ones since you can just draw out the syringe to the amount of snus you'd like.

2. Next you want to get a knife and chop off the top part of the plastic syringe.

3. If you get sharp edges, you can round the tip with the knife to get rid of this. I usually don't do this.

4. Get some loose snus of your liking.

5. Draw the amount of snus you'd like and start packing.

6. Insert syringe under your lip where you want it, push out and enjoy life!

It's also easy to clean.

Fint som snus - Fine as snus - common swedish term