Grinds Coffee Pouches - My Review

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Grinds Coffee Pouches - My Review
« on: March 18, 2018, 12:40:17 PM »
To start out, My thoughts and My Tastes are My Own, and yours may be different than Mine. I also paid for these out of My Own Pocket, and I am just reviewing them in case anyone is interested.

I am typing these thoughts as I sample them, so they may be random thoughts as I think them. :D Size wise, the pouches are bigger in the lip than a regular portion Snus pouch, but weigh about the same. It looks like they are processed like an original portion and sprayed at the end for flavor & moisture. If they had Nicotine in them it would be a real winner. (keep that thought, as I have an idea :D)

Black Coffee
Well it has a good coffee smell and taste like black coffee. :) No real sweetness or cream, just a coffee flavor, not bad at all. After a while, I am really liking the flavor, they did a good job on this one, if you like coffee like I do.

Mocha Coffee
Not as strong of a coffee smell, and I don't smell any chocolate. :( A little sweetness, not as much coffee flavor as the Black Coffee, and I don't taste mocha. They need to step up the coffee and mocha in this one to make it a winner. It's not bad per say, but I am disappointed in this one as I thought it would be my favorite. (I Really LOVE Chocolate, I was born with the Chocolate Gene :lol:)

Vanilla Coffee
This one smells of vanilla and coffee, really nice aroma. :) Does taste like a coffee with vanilla cream, but could have a little more flavor. A little sweetness, but you can taste both the coffee and the vanilla cream.

Irish Cream Coffee
Can't really smell anything but a mild coffee, but nothing like the Black Coffee. Not a bad flavor, can taste some sweetness, but not a lot. Does not really taste like an Irish Cream Coffee to me. Could be better, but not bad at all.

Caramel Coffee
Can smell the mild coffee, and I guess the caramel, haven't smelled caramel in a while, so not sure. :facepalm: Taste wise, it does have a sweetness, and I can taste the Caramel and a mild coffee. As with the others, could have a more dominate flavor like the Black Coffee. Not bad, but don't expect an over the top Caramel flavor, but usable.

Well after trying them all (1 pouch of each), unless I change my mind, the only one I really like is the Black Coffee, I really enjoyed it the best, but the others are not bad. YMMV

So, on adding Nicotine. So what I did is mix up some Nic Salt 100mg/ml with VG to make 9ml of 24mg/ml, then add 1ml of 24mg/ml WTA giving me a total of 10ml of 24mg/ml with 10% WTA. Then take 4 drops of that and put on a pouch.  If my math is correct, that gives 4.8mg nicotine per pouch.  With it being a liquid, it is absorbed quicker than Snus, but it works good at this level.  YMMV


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Re: Grinds Coffee Pouches - My Review
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 10:20:38 PM »
I didn't like these. But I hate coffee... So I can't be a great judge for these. Lol