Author Topic: Swedish snus innovation Sting Free Snus wins global award in NYC 15 Sept. 2017  (Read 500 times)

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Yes it is true. Sting Free Snus was awarded the award for "Most exciting Newcomer to the Industry" at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum #GTNF in New York City on September 15 2017. The competition was fierce from big tobacco like e.g. Reynolds, Atria, Philip Morris and JTI. The "alley cat among the ermines" i.e. a Swedish snus product managed to win just the same.

Sting Free Snus is a revolution to the snus pouch itself which results in "No pain & less strain and stain" due to a protective side of the snus pouch. Participant and speaker at the #Snuscon 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. So far Swedish Match has signed a license to produce sting free snus varieties but more are following during this year. Production planed during 2018.

Welcome to visit for more info. For general SNUSNEWS in English welcome to

I am also an expert in snus health issues, also oral health and have solutions to some common minor problems. I'd be glad to answer any question.

Thanks/Bengt Wiberg

Bengt Wiberg
Snus innovator, patent holder, CEO & global award winner with Sting Free Snus NYC 15/9 2017 - - Instagram: Sting Free Snus
Twitter: @stingfreesnus - LinkedIn: Bengt Wiberg CEO -

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Congratulations, Bengt!

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Congratulations, Bengt...
  Very awesome hopefully your invention will allow a few more folks to enjoy snus.

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Bengt, you are the man sir. :)


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Congratulations, on the award! I look forward to trying any new Swedish Match Sting Free products whenever they are available to order in the future.