Any other Canadian dippers out there? Please help!

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Any other Canadian dippers out there? Please help!
« on: November 17, 2016, 04:15:20 AM »
I was looking online for help and came across this forum so I'm hoping I might be able to find some answers. The cost of dip in Canada is absolutely outrageous, generally around $30 and up for one can at gas stations with the cheapest being Costco and the Wholesale Club being a few cents under $130 for a log - so about $26 a piece. Just ridiculous! Are there any Canadians as frustrated as I am? And can you give me any help on what to do? I've ordered from Northerner a few years ago and after a few orders coming through clean I started to really get dinged by the duty. Are there any legit options that I'm unaware of? If anyone can help that'd be greatly appreciated.

Something else I'm interested is if anyone knows of any decent tobacco free alternatives? Something that is actually close to the texture and taste of Copenhagen Snuff? The only kinds I've ever tried are Smokey Mountain and Hooch but they are terrible. Thanks and happy dipping!


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Re: Any other Canadian dippers out there? Please help!
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 07:16:50 AM »
Around here they used to sell a few examples of Generals (1 dry white and 1 strong) for around 23 bucks a tin at the local store, but they got discontinued.  I asked the dude who to contact to complain, but he looked at me like I was asking for Justin Trudeau's phone number.

Anyway I buy from Northerner.  If you go with an order of about 10 tins, it equals out to around 25 bucks or so per tin after duty, tax and criminal CBSA charges for inspection.  So yah around $250 for a pack of 10 delivered.

Except ... those sweet, sweet packages that leak through and get delivered to your mailbox with no duty!   Frikin' 35/40 bucks C$ for 10 tins!

Happens about 1 in 4 or 5 orders.  I've been playing with order size and a few other variables to see what sneaks thru and what doesn't, haven't found a common thread yet.  I figure it's just chance.