Making your own snus

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Making your own snus
« on: June 14, 2015, 11:16:37 AM »
Hello Fellow tobacco lovers!

So I tried making my own snus 2 times. Keep in mind that to buy a "make it your own snus" is expensive and since I failed twice I just did not feel like doing it again. However I found this new "make it your own kit". It is was kind of expensive to buy it and I thought to myself I was not going to buy it. But for one time only- the new costumers can buy just the one can to see if it is something that you like. I ordered it and loved it! I ordered the snus kit and 2 days later it was in my possession. Most snus kits you have to bake for 36 hours and do this and that but this one was easy. You put water in it and one bottle that contains everything you need and then you mix it together, put it in the fridge for four days and then you have 1.6 kilos of snus.