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There is now a YouTube Channel!

As of right now, all we have on there are three older videos that Nash and I did together.  We're going to have our old friend Julls contributing videos to this channel, as well as Nash and myself. 

What kind of content would you like to see on there?  Dip?  E-Cigarettes?  Snus?  Nasal Snuff?

We're open to any and all suggestions! 

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Well since you asked 8)

I know I have some interest in the snus2 line. I know they have a shop but I did not know they had there own production.

Their line of snus is something I would like to see you guys do a review of.

I found them here: and the Swedish snus2 site:

I would also like to see a review of the Oliver Twist chewing tobacco:

I would also like to see a review of this nasal snuff:


The video is now live and the channel has officially kicked off!

Basically what you suggested. I know you use nasal snuff as well, and that's how I started off on youtube. I use snuff and snus daily, and I would LOVE to see some nasal snuff videos.

When did that Scrub Julls start representing GoSmokeless ? hahah :P


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