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Make your own snus
« on: September 29, 2014, 01:45:18 PM »
    Hi there !

Another swede entering the smokeless scene with good news to those who might be interested.
I have been using snus for quite many years now , used to smoke pipe but mostly cigarettes for some 15 years.
Haven't been smoking now for over 20 years and don't miss it one bit.
I have been growing my own tobacco for 3 years now and the reason I started to grow was I didn't like the snus in the store anymore , not the exchange I used to get up til' 1997.
This here spring I happened to make snus in a different way than I used to do and it made all the difference in the world to the quality of the snus itself.
I have also had some wholeleaf tobacco shipped from the states and made snus outof that and it is just terrific , even made snus from cigartobacco and this is now one of my absolute favorites.
You guys in the states must have such a wide variety of choices from where you can buy wholeleaf tobacco , I won't mention any names but if you're interested , you'll find'em.
It's usually sold by the pound , 453 grams.
What you can do if you're interested is that u send for a pound of Burley, Virginia or whatever tobacco you think is most likely to suit your kinda taste.
All tobacco has natural flavor characteristics , its just a question of makin them come alive or wake up.
You got your wholeleaf tobacco in the mail , what u first do is that you open the plastic bag it comes in.
Take out all the leaves and hang'em up to dry for a week or so , when the midrib is crispy rhe whole leaf is most probably ready to be grinded into flour.
Impotant !  Must be crispy dry .
You can grind the whole leaf including the mid-rib/stem or not , but since there is nicotine in the rib it could be a waste not to use it.
One can use a coffeegrinder or a meatgrinder to grind the leaf into flour.
I connected a driller to my meatgrinder to make the process easier on myself and it works just fine.
The tobacco might loose some weight when u dry it , thats just the way it is.
Handcrank is a lot of work but not impossible.
Flour is ready to be used and u start by setting your oven on 212 F or 100 C , weigh the flour on a scale and let's say u have 400 grams of it , 14.11 oz.
Boil 0.5 Liters of water ( 1.0567US pt lqd )  add 75 grams of tablesalt ( 2.6455oz ) into the yer pan and take it away from the hotplate and stir til' ya can't see the salt anymore.
Have the flour in a bucket and pour the hot water over the tobacco and stir with a spoon til all tobacco is wet ( 2 min ).
Have your wet tobacco put in a heatresitant batch that can be exposed to 212 F or more , pack it as u go along.
The final packing could be done with the rear side of your hand , put the lid on the batch and put it in the oven where it is going to be heattreated for 7 days.
You must check on the moist/texture  every day , same time every day or each 24 hours.If too dry add some very hot water into the batch , if too wet or just wet enough , just leave it til the next
After you've treated it in the oven for a week , take it out and let it cool down for 1/2 a day or so.
Next up is potash carbonate , and I'll propose some 10-12 grams of it ( 0.35 - 0.42 oz ) . Just spread it out on top of the newly made snus and thereby work it in to the whole batch with your hands til u can't see any potash cabonate anymore.
Get ready to store it in the fridge using a box of some kind , preferrebly a box that is airtight.
Store it for 2 weeks in yer fridge and the natural flavor characteristics have started to come alive , and the longer it is in the fridge , the better it will become.
I do this all the time and it works like a charm.
From the 400 grams u started with you got 1 kilo of snus ( almost 24 cans of snus ). You pay let's say 20 $ for the wholeleaf tobacco , makes 0.83 $ a can and it tastes just great.  ;D
No brand in any store can beat this snus , it's the real deal.
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Re: Make your own snus
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2017, 02:02:43 PM »
For some reason I missed this thread previously and Bengt from Sting Free Snus posted a link to it.
This is awesome! :)

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Re: Make your own snus
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2017, 08:59:28 PM »
Look guys, I'm past interested in this topic.
  So please do photos man, that'd be a awesome thread