New Style - Wide Lid cans

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New Style - Wide Lid cans
« on: November 21, 2013, 04:30:08 PM »
Has anyone else noted that the newest Swedish Match cans with the wide catch lid are weak in their design?

Since they have hit US Retailers (as I purchase retail) I have 2 seperate issues with this design.
1st I found that a can of General Mint placed in vacuum bag for freezing - split apart after three days on ice.
half the contents were bloated with moisture and the other half drier than sand.   Exp date 1/2014.

I only carry snus on the week ends - I stock piled my office so I rarely have any snus on my person - but working around the house I slip a can into backpocket. 

Went for a OP in the new can design, the top was lipped over the bottom of the can and have found that any cans with this design have a weak spot - just press around an unopened can and you will find it sink or LIP over the bottom of the can - further than designed.

I won't rattle SM with a complaint, as they have provided me with many dollar saving coupons - I now switch out my new can into a older style one for secure product placement in my pocket.