ODEN'S Extra Stark 59 Portion

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ODEN'S Extra Stark 59 Portion
« on: September 11, 2013, 06:10:01 PM »
ODEN'S Extra Stark 59 Portion

My first impressions of GN Tobacco is that they make some good STRONG snus and their Extra Stark 59 straight nose from the can was an almond spice cookie, second nose off the can, same cookie, with booze breath...  third nose, yes, I will stop after this booze, cookie, with freshly washed floormats from an upscale valet car wash.  Damn this stuff is complex. 
Or the plastic cans are leeching. And, no.  I have been sipping soda pop.

Medium dark portions.  Very moist.  Up and under... (time lapse 8,9 minutes) Almond Spice cookie.

..w  i  t  h.... some hint of mint in the background.   That is what I get.  (tack another 5,6 minutes on) no drip.. almost dry tobacco tones with a citrus? undertone.   Very nice, as I wash it in Pepsi it creeps back with that dutch windmill almond cookie and a medium to mild tobacco run, now that it has been coaxed some. 

I like this snus, and its my first portion,from the first smell to nealy 40 minutes into it here, clear nic buzz, not too strong for me, just about what I could use for a morning starter or an afternoon second wind snus.   

For the record:
 I was a forty a day Marlb Red smoker a hundred over a week end kind of inhaler -  now, inter mixing both snus and smoking a different brand - resulting in a dozen American Spirits and half a dozen portions a day on the working week days, and still less than forty smokes and less than a can over a week end.

For those reforming smokers who chug Lights or Medium weight cigarettes, this would be a place to look if you wanted tobacco flavor without minty sugar, that cookie note is not overpowering it slides into palette smoothly, and after a bit, you have to hunt for the almonds and spice.  This is the closest snus I have tried that almost reaches a cigartette taste level of tobacco.  I remind you, I have limited range to Swedish snus.

 I found no burn, tingle or sting at all.  Minimal saltliness, although, I have tuned into GN products for a month or so here, it may be there, and I have adapted my palette in this time.

Safely seven out of ten on the scale.  No question.  Just shy of an eight.