Oden’s Cold Extra Stark portion and Lakritts portion

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Oden’s Cold Extra Stark portion and Lakritts portion
« on: August 28, 2013, 10:14:50 AM »

When I first opened the ‘lope from Jagmanss, I was blown away with the scent that took me back to age six, maybe seven…  NeJames’ Candy Store on South Street circa 1965.
 The oak floor, glass cases filled with everything you can’t buy today – but the Spearmint Leaf sugar-jellies and the REAL shoe string black licorice.  What a combined blast of memories, brilliant, pure magic and the best has yet to come.  Fingers crossed.
Friday afternoon, I am beat, just wanting to get home, kick the shoes off and turn off the world.

I tossed my new stash in the fridge.

Rather than have an after dinner cigarette I grabbed Oden’s Cold Extra Stark.  Swirl nailed the can and out drifted the cleanest scent of spearmint since I paced the floors of that candy store with a dime to spend. 
Sweet, bright spearmint, nothing else just spearmint, I closed the lid, shook the can, and did all again just to freeze the imprint on my mind.  Slid the portion up and under, and got it balanced, the spearmint was more powerful in the can, than in my mouth, but time will tell, and shit what the hell was that?  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Felt like my lip lost all nerve endings and cold?  Yeah, cold.  No shit.  Well named. 
And nice slow spearmint release, nothing over powering or sour, or worse yet, too sweet, just like you found some wild mint, took a sniff, and placed a leaf up and under and scrubbed your teeth, very natural, very surprised, honestly.  As I was drinking beer, it was hard to find any tobacco taste under that cold blast and natural mint.  I am looking forward to adding further input as I process under different conditions, and pairings, my first impression is worthy of 5 out of 10 based on taste and strength alone and would need further samplings to improve this rating.
And with the moon rising and music amped over to jazz, time to burst the seal on the Lakritts portion.
Nice cans, by the way, GN, like the hinge, as many of the voices inside of my head are often unhinged mirrors as a result of years of commercialization and indulgence it’s nice to have stability and limits.   
Scent of licorice and ammonia (isque) , strong dark portions, with that noted saltiness that draws out the taste buds to subtle notes of tobacco and anise.  Not sure what went wrong after about 15 or 20 minutes the flavor washed with almost bitter butter, what we Americans call “sweet butter” (no salt added. ) and a licorice after taste drip.  Almost greasy.   
I had a salad with 1000 Islands, some crusty baguette without butter or spread, and 6 maybe 7 beers by then, not anything I dined on by any means.  And the OCES portion with about an hour and twenty between them.
I was nowhere near done with that portion when I did toss it.  First impressions have me reaching hard for 3 out of 10.  Hoping different conditions will improve these results.

Saturday Afternoon
Errands done.  Light chores pending.  Break for NEW snus.  Slid in a Lakritts portion where today is normally dedicated to General Mint in public or traffic and General Lös around the dooryard and this will be a nice change, noted sleek anise, nothing overpowering or breath-taking, very salty and layered with tobacco notes.  A good afternoon change up, almost 40 minutes in and still providing ample flavor and not - as- greasy, yet sharper somehow bordering bitter and almost sour after 50 minutes, still.  Thinking 4 out of 10, as maybe my mind and nose are two separate animals and my taste buds are the zoo, but I had higher hopes.