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An Open Community & Sharing Of Information
« on: May 14, 2014, 11:48:30 PM »
Someone recently asked me about this, and due to some other events, I want to share our stance on it.

Sharing Information

If you have info about snus, by all means, share it!  If it's a link to an article, your website or blog, and it will help people - share it!  Everyone here has a voice, and we want this place to be as open as possible. 

Websites and Blogs

I encourage every snus user to have a blog or website, and to share it here.  The more info we can get out there about snus, the better.  We won't chastise you for it, in fact, we encourage it!  This also applies to YouTube channels and reviews, link away!

Webstores & Sales

Have a webstore or shop?  Feel free to post here and share information about your sales or your snus store.  We want our readers and members to have access to all the snus information they can!  We have sections for the major webstores, and if you have a store and want a section, we can accommodate for you, too!

Why We Do This

We don't do this site to make money.  We do it for you.  The donations we get pay for a fraction of the hosting of this site, the rest Nash generously pays for out of his pocket.  We don't do ads either, because we don't want to seem biased, or like we do this for commercial gain.

At the end of the day, we started snusology for the snuser.  We won't ban or chastise you for sharing information - we encourage it! 

We appreciate every member here, every individual voice you have, and welcome anyone to come join our community!
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