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Title: Goteborgs Rape slim large "X-range"
Post by: theradon100 on April 26, 2018, 04:00:13 PM
Initial Impressions:
Upon opening the first can I received, I was struck how on the first smell of the snus, a very heavily floral smell was present. At first I was hesitant as to whether or not id enjoy this snus, however after using this product for the past 2 days, my initial impression is a good one, this snus has ( as promised), very minimal Drip, as well as very comfortable portions.

Smell Test: Heavy juniper notes on the front end, followed by mellow notes of leather and hay on the back end.

Portions: 24 at .8 grams per portion, portion material is noticeably softer that the general white portions if become accustomed to (IMO).

Flavor: a straight tobacco flavor with nice salt content, as well as a hint of juniper/oak

I would recommend this snus as a entry level option to the snus world, ( i picked up 10 cans for the price of 7 of
for those who enjoy a straight tobacco flavor with mellow after notes, this snus is for you. ;D